Geek Goes Calypso!

No, this is not about the latest dance craze!  For those of you who haven’t heard there is a new water-park that opened earlier this summer that this fo2 (father of 2) geek just had to check out.

At about an hour and a half away from my place (or 148.7KM) this place better be worth it,  and it is: Calypso.  I won’t comment on the water-park itself other than both my 6 and 8 year old enjoyed it thoroughly.

So, what’s a geek to do without any of his usual electronic accoutrement?  And what about this nagging urge to check email?  Now I know (NIK) what quitting smoking must feel like!

The kids are playing in this huge Pirate Ship, reminiscent of the pirates of Caribbean, and at the top of the ship is this huge bucket of water that every so often fills up and sends a deluge of water to whomever happens to be under.

Hum, this is interesting! (..resisting the urge to invent a new acronym Tii)

With no watch, I am down to counting steamboats.  Averaging the 3 times I counted, it’s 57 steamboats!  Proud of my “achievement”, I shared the method and the result with my brunette, which, by the way, failed to attract any kind of sense of awesomeness from her, oh well !  But then, I focused her attention on the kids and adults and their reaction after being drenched by the water.  Some for the first time, OK they were not watching, and other repeat offenders not happy of the seemingly random bucket justice!

It seems to me like, if you have been fooled once, wouldn’t you try not to be fooled again?

Why are we so compelled at repeating some of the same steps that got us in trouble?  I wonder, is this done consciously or not?

Other than some wet clothes no real problem, albeit a few cell phones than may never ring again or, god forbid, not text or receive email!

All kidding aside, we all know that proper planning prevent poor performance.  So, why are we compelled to repeat the same mistakes?  In University, I remember my project management class teacher (Mr. Herrera) focusing some lectures exclusively on IT failures, and some where truly spectacular ones!  Recently, I came across a blog from ZDNet, Michael Krigsman that focuses on exclusively on the topic.

More often than none, most of us that have been around long enough, in hindsight, can remember what went wrong, and we point to lack of communication, budget overruns, lack of management or user implication, scope creep, weak project definition and the list goes on and on.  IT has been around for almost 60 years, with the accumulated knowledge of successful and unsuccessful IT projects haven’t we yet learned how to properly scope a project and plan for it accordingly?

One would think so!  So, why are we still doing the same mistakes?

I can’t even presume to have an answer here, what I do know is that IT project management, at times, demands skills that are closer to psychology than that of pure IT knowledge.

I can only point to the qualities a good IT project should have if it is to succeed.  But, I am forced to acknowledge that I can’t coerce anyone to follow them.

Sometimes, the stars just don’t align, and one of the success criteria just isn’t there, and wouldn’t you know it, it happens to be a certain executive’s favourite feature no one bothered telling you about!

Hum… 😦

Samy “TheBenz” Benzekry


About TheBenz

Corporate IT guy very interested in all matters that are high tech.
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